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I fell in love with this flower when I saw a video for it on the Heartfelt Creations website. So, if you don't want to read my tutorial you can click here to watch it over at HC. I did distress this up a little bit, which is not on the video. All right! Let's get started......

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Faux Leather Tutorial

Making faux leather is easier than you think. I know, I say that about a lot of my tutorials. Have I been wrong? LOL...

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Emerging Color Stamping Technique

Ok, I'll admit it...I really love stamping and the more I stamp the more I want to stamp. It's a wonderfully vicious circle. Emerging Color is one of those techniques that have some very basic and constant elements to it, but the creative license is all yours in how you present it. I'm sure if you Google or YouTube you will find a ton of tutorials and a lot of them will be very similar. Emerging Color boils down to this one word: resist. This is at its very core a resist technique. The whole trick to doing this is to remember that you will work in layers.

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Friday, January 7, 2011

Faux Leather Tutorial

Making faux leather is easier than you think.  I know, I say that about a lot of my tutorials.  Have I been wrong? LOL  Let's get started!


  • Matte Multi Medium
  • Paint Brush
  • Card Stock
  • Tissue Paper
  • Ink (I used Distress Inks in the following colors: Old Paper, Vintage Photo, Walnut Stain and Aged Mahogany
  • Ink Blending Tool (s) & Pad (s)

Step 1
The first thing I did was distress my paper by using my fingers to break down the paper fibers so that the paper was more flexible.  I didn't really do this for the creases because the tissue paper takes care of that.

Beginning with your lightest color, start pulling the ink onto your paper with your blending tool.  Remember that you want an uneven finish.  Old, worn leather doesn't have an even color, neither should your card stock.

*Tip - Don't get stuck in the thought that your leather must be brown.  Get creative and go with any color your heart desires.  I used to have a pink leather mini skirt.  LOL Those were the days.

Step 2
Once you have your card stock inked to your heart's content, take a piece of tissue paper that is half-again as big as your card stock, and crumple it up really good.  I balled mine up into my hand.  Now gently pull it open, but don't open it to the point where all of your wrinkles and creases are gone.

Step 3

Using your paint brush, begin spreading your matte Multi Medium onto your card stock until you've covered it.

**Tip:  If you are using Distress Ink, it will begin to react to the moisture from the Multi Medium.  If you look close at my photo you can see where this is beginning to happen.  Now, you may decide you want this to happen in which case it gives you another opportunity to blend and move the color around.  If you don't want this to happen then you need to use as few brush strokes as possible to get your piece covered.  I started out using more MM on my brush so that my brush wasn't initially in contact with the paper.  You can eliminate this from happening by using inks that don't react to water.

Step 4

Take your tissue paper and begin laying it onto your paper.  This is where you control how wrinkled and creased your leather looks.  You can just lay it on top all at once and lightly press it down in place, as I have above), or you can start in one section and using your fingers you can pull open your tissue paper so that it isn't so wrinkled and push it down onto your page. (Refer to my page layout example at the top)  You can go another step further and move the tissue paper around on the page.  Just remember that your tissue paper is soaking up moisture and could rip or tear.

If you have any tissue paper hanging over the edge just leave it there for the time being.  You'll need to dry your project at this point by using a heat gun or hair dryer.  Once the paper has dried, use a craft knife or scissors and trim off the excess tissue paper.

Step 5

Take your mid-tone ink (Vintage Photo in my case) and run your blending tool just across the tops of the creases so that they grab the color.  You may want to smoosh your tool down in a few places to add a richer tone to your leather.  

Your Done!!!!  As you can see from the two examples I provided at the beginning of this tutorial, the applications are only limited by your mind.  You could make an entire background out of this, a card or just sections for a page.  You could make inches, twinchies, thrinchies, tags and ATCs.  You can stamp on it (as I did above).  I used colored pencils on the example as well.  Open your mind and get creative.  I can't wait to hear how this works for you and I would love to see what you do with it!

Have a blast and thanks so very much for stopping by!!


Robin Shakoor said...

I love this! You are so clever. I would love to use this technique for my vintage projects.

2amscrapper said...

Fantastic tutorial and great project! Happy New Year!

Amarilys said...

awesome tutorial! love & will be using it in the near future! Thanks for the inspiration!

Peggy said...

Thanks, Lisa, for coming up with this awesome technique and then for taking the trouble to showing us all how it's done!!!!!

Scrap2day said...

I am amazed at your creations. I'm going to go thru your tutorials one by one.
Your talent is out of this world!

Vicky Alberto said...

yup you're a genius! great idea!

Marie Levite said...

Wow Lisa~Just awesome!

A Few of My Favorite Things said...

Awesome tutorial and great idea!! I might be able to pull this one off. Thanks for sharing!

Heidi said...

this is so cool!!!

Lagene said...

Wonderful art! Great tutorial! Thanks!

lee woo said...

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