Faux Metal Tutorial

This was so much fun!!! My page titled The Journey (above this tut) features this faux metal. Here are the supplies you'll need...

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Crepe Paper Carnations

How much do I love thee? Let me count the ways!! Isn't this flower adorable!? I ran across this tutorial on the web months ago and it has been rolling around my head ever since. It is so versatile making it perfect for every one one of your gorgeous creations. Let's go!

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Calla Lily

I fell in love with this flower when I saw a video for it on the Heartfelt Creations website. So, if you don't want to read my tutorial you can click here to watch it over at HC. I did distress this up a little bit, which is not on the video. All right! Let's get started......

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Faux Leather Tutorial

Making faux leather is easier than you think. I know, I say that about a lot of my tutorials. Have I been wrong? LOL...

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Snowy Poinsettia

These flowers are just too cute! They are beyond easy to make too...BONUS!

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Emerging Color Stamping Technique

Ok, I'll admit it...I really love stamping and the more I stamp the more I want to stamp. It's a wonderfully vicious circle. Emerging Color is one of those techniques that have some very basic and constant elements to it, but the creative license is all yours in how you present it. I'm sure if you Google or YouTube you will find a ton of tutorials and a lot of them will be very similar. Emerging Color boils down to this one word: resist. This is at its very core a resist technique. The whole trick to doing this is to remember that you will work in layers.

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Busy Camping Summer!

This is the sunrise view I was graced with from our campsite. I loved how the mist was coming up from the lake and the clouds were outlined behind the sun.  Gonna be a hot one! We've gone camping here for 2 years in a row, same site and pre-booked again for next year.  Trail's End at Hinckley Reservoir (which is a decent sized lake).  Our site is way off from other sites and we are on the lake.  If you camp with a 5th wheel (which we have) or a pull behind camper, you know it is rare to find full hook-up sites on the water.  It is so remote and rustic.  We don't even get cell reception!  The weekend we went it was pirate weekend.  Arrgg ye ole chum bucket!  So much fun.  I don't think the pictures do it justice, but it is breathtaking.  So I thought I would share some pics.

These are the views from our site.  Awful...right?  LOL  It was torture to have to endure this for 4 days.  LOL!  We had a set of stairs on our site that took us down to the water.  Oh, so nice.  Last year we had to climb down by holding onto tree roots that were exposed.

This is a pic of one of the smaller sand dunes from the beach.  DD and I went down in the morning before anyone was there so we could have it ALL to ourselves!!!!

I don't think she was having any fun at the beach, do you?  This kid is just so full of life.  She had a blast at the beach, especially with her goggles.  She loved looking around under water.

AARRGGG,,,shiver me timbers!  As I mentioned it was pirate weekend and we got to hear a pirate story told by the camp owners and then were sent off to find gold coins that were scattered on the beach by the pirates that beached there the night before. Did you notice the gold coin in her bandanna? She kept giggling at the thought that her booty was under her hat!  Kids....I'll admit it was kind of silly.  Once we found a coin we had to bring it back to trade it for a treasure map!  We had to solve the riddle and dig on the beach for the booty!!!  What fun.  All of the kids who were at the campground decided that their chances would be better if they worked together and split up the booty.  They found it and they all shared.  It was fun to watch.  Then we were treated with Captain Jack Sparrow (no, not the real Johnny Depp...don't I wish) but someone dressed as him windsurfing with the Jolly Roger attached at the very tippy top of his board.  Can't wait to go back again next year.


Marie Levite said...

Wow Lisa that sunrise is gorgeous it looks nearly electric and the photof of your little pirate. Adorable. I see a LO in the making!

Scrapamum said...

What fabulous photos Lisa! I can't wait to see what you make with them!