Faux Metal Tutorial

This was so much fun!!! My page titled The Journey (above this tut) features this faux metal. Here are the supplies you'll need...

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Crepe Paper Carnations

How much do I love thee? Let me count the ways!! Isn't this flower adorable!? I ran across this tutorial on the web months ago and it has been rolling around my head ever since. It is so versatile making it perfect for every one one of your gorgeous creations. Let's go!

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Calla Lily

I fell in love with this flower when I saw a video for it on the Heartfelt Creations website. So, if you don't want to read my tutorial you can click here to watch it over at HC. I did distress this up a little bit, which is not on the video. All right! Let's get started......

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Faux Leather Tutorial

Making faux leather is easier than you think. I know, I say that about a lot of my tutorials. Have I been wrong? LOL...

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Snowy Poinsettia

These flowers are just too cute! They are beyond easy to make too...BONUS!

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Emerging Color Stamping Technique

Ok, I'll admit it...I really love stamping and the more I stamp the more I want to stamp. It's a wonderfully vicious circle. Emerging Color is one of those techniques that have some very basic and constant elements to it, but the creative license is all yours in how you present it. I'm sure if you Google or YouTube you will find a ton of tutorials and a lot of them will be very similar. Emerging Color boils down to this one word: resist. This is at its very core a resist technique. The whole trick to doing this is to remember that you will work in layers.

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Sunday, March 28, 2010

another creation.....

Ok, so about 4 years ago I was getting ready to take a pic of my DD sleeping when she woke up and gave me that look.  I ran across this pic the other day and the first thought that came to my mind was a quote from the Queen of Hearts; "Off with your head!".  A page is born....off I went trying to find elements from Alice in Wonderland.
Of course I think that Helena Bonham Carter's new version of the royal lady is fabulous.  So I searched for images on Google.  While I was looking through images from the film I saw pics of flowers that had faces and thought I had to make some of those.  Then I came across this great little pic of the Mad Hatter on a pocket watch dial and had to have that too!  I have to tell you that I drew a page lay out map including all of the handmade goodies I wanted to add.  The page you see before you is not entirely what I drew or all that I made.  This page has morphed about a dozen times.

I had my DD make funny faces while I took pics and then used my camera/photo editing software and messed with the RGB settings to get the colored photos.  I handmade the carnations out of matching colors and distressed and curled the edges.  The flowers actually ended up being too puffy and I had to flatten them out a bit.  I used grunge board butterfly wings and distressed those and used rock candy stickles to give them a shimmery, sugary look.  I used the same stickles to glue the pic of the mad hatter to an acrylic circle and glued them to the wings.  I used an SVG file and my cricut once again to cut out the frame.  I used red brick and black soot distress inks on it and then used clear embossing powder to give it a leathery look.  Which is kind of does up close.  I cut my DD out of her photo and found a heart themed paper to put behind her.  I used paper from my Once Upon a Time stack for the background as well as the book pages.  I of course, distressed those.  One of my favorite objects on this page his handmade lace that my DH Grandmother made when she was a teenager (pre-1920).  It is fabulous and I decided that it is too pretty to keep in my sewing box, so I added it to my page. I think she would be pleased.

So far I have been doing pretty well with continually doing something creative everyday.  I feel pretty good about that.  Even if I'm not working on a page, I am online looking at things other people made, or making a list of things I want to try, or drawing page lay-outs to try to bring to life later.  So far so good.....

Monday, March 22, 2010

Finally got inky......

Finally....got inky with it!!!!  I had so much fun with this page.  You know for the longest time I struggled with the concept of what a scrapbook page is and what is isn't.  I can tell you that what I thought it was did not seem to fit me and who I am.  My vision; my concept; what fit me and my style was a scrapbook page that literally pulls you in and takes on a life of its own.  One that embellishes its subject and seems to unlock secrets. It should stretch your mind, your capabilities and constantly make you want to take it a step further.

So, with this particular memory strand I took a perfectly beautiful paper and added layers to it.  I used SCAL software and my cricut and downloaded a few svg files of trees.  Believe it, or not, these trees come with labels like "spooky tree" and "fright night".  I also used svg files of leaves from a 3-D flower file.  I cut them out with manila colored paper and then "got inky with it".  I got out my Distress Inks and ink blending tools and had a blast.  I got my fingers all inky and loved every minute of it.  I got out some pieces of grunge board and inked those up too.  I took a B&W photo and printed it in sepia as well.  I then cut my DD out of the sepia picture and placed it over the top of the B&W so that she stood out a little more.  I took a postage stamp from K and Company and stuck it to a hand cut tag.  The postage stamp is a woman's face that is slightly off the page.  To me, this fit.  A face slightly of-center; a road less traveled or perhaps a random life on purpose LOL.   I inked it up and then used Rock Candy Distress Crackle over the top.  I used some Prima flowers and printed out on vellum the last paragraph of Robert Frost's poem A Road Less Traveled.  To me, this page pulls you in and the woods come to life.  The poem invokes thought about the girl in the picture.  What is she doing with her life that is maybe not so main stream?  Then the thought inevitably turns to focus on your life.........